Duragloss RW (Rinseless Wash) With AquaWax, 16 oz

Duragloss RW (Rinseless Wash) With AquaWax, 16 oz
Duragloss RW (Rinseless Wash) With AquaWax, 16 oz
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Made in The USA

Duragloss RW (Rinseless Wash): 

Quick and easy way to wash any vehicle anytime, anywhere without water hoses or waste. This unique formula captures the dirt with a lubricating Polymer which prevents scratching.

Use a 2 Bucket Method to wash your car completely using wash mitt (its important to use Grit Guard*) or Make a Quick detailer to remove dirt spots/bird bombs for quick cleaning.

This RW has build in Aquawax, one of the best synthetic polymer wax available in USA.

This super slippery wax bonds to your vehicle's existing paint protection, even after you've dried the vehicle. In one step, your vehicle is left clean and incredibly glossy.


473 ml

*putting a Grit Guard Insert in the bottom of your wash bucket to help keep dirt in the bottom of the bucket

Click here to Purchase Grit Guard.

For Application details see BB Impex Forum.


Items needed for best use:

2 Bucket wash: wash mitt, 2 buckets, Grit Guard & 2 Clean microfibers one for drying & one for buffing.

Use as QD: Spray bottle, atleast 2 clean microfibers- one for washing/cleaning & 2nd for buffing to shine.


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