Duragloss 111 + one DG Pad

Duragloss 111 + one DG Pad
Duragloss 111 + one DG Pad Duragloss 111 + one DG Pad
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DG111 CCP:

Duragloss CCP (Clear Coat Polish) is a non-abrasive synthetic formula, which gives a "wet look" shine and durable protective coating. Durable to both acid and alkaline washes. Can be applied to the entire vehicle in the sun or shade before removing easily for a high gloss and protective coating.
236 ml
It is a paint sealant & will give a glossy shine to your vehicle along with 3-6 months of protection.
Use Megs SwirlX or Megs Ultimate compound before it to clean & remove fine imperfection, years of oxidation on neglected cars, swirls etc & top it with DG CCP for best protecion & shine.
You can also put Collinite wax over it for greater protection.

If you feel above work is too much for you, then just go for single step DG 101 PC.

For Application details see BB Impex Forum.

Comes with a Duragloss dual use Pad in the Box.


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