FinishKare Hi Temp Paste Wax- 15 OZ Tin

FinishKare Hi Temp Paste Wax- 15 OZ Tin
Brand: FinishKare, CA, USA
Product Code: FK1000P- 15 OZ
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 FK Hi Temp Paste Wax:

Amazing Durability- This high temperature wax provides ultra heat resistant to Bike or Car paint. If your Bike or Car is parked whole day in sun, this is the wax to go ! This full synthetic wax or some people call it "sealant" can withstand temperature up to 121 ÂșC. It shows extreme hardness, extreme slickness, high gloss with exceptional durability. Unlike natural waxes, it provides consistent results without the quality fluctuations found in natural waxes. 

Gone are the days when white cars were difficult to get a deep gloss & shine. This wax will give shine & protection as never before. For best results use CA duster & FK# 425 for subsequent upkeep.

This wax is best for hot, sunny climates, surpasses even carnauba waxes. If you see heat waves rising off your cars hood on those hot Sunny days, FK 1000P is the wax to use for protection.


My Favourite for a Bike/Car which sits all day in sun.



Made in USAClear Coat Safe.

1-Tin 15 OZ or 425.2 gms

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